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Looking for staff?

With Nelson Labour Hire as your preferred Nelson Recruitment Company, you get the convenience, instantly and flexibility of increasing staff levels exactly you need them!

You might need additional resource for Absenteeism, Project Work, Seasonal Fluctuations or just growth all provided the a reputable Nelson Work Agency!

We ensure you have no hassles when you need extra resource in your business!

We have the right person available for half a day to Half a year or more!

Let Nelson Labour Hire Ltd take care of all your HR Issues,  Employment Contracts, Payroll, PAYE, Annual Leave, ACC, Kiwisaver, Stat Holiday Issues, 90 day Trials etc - we invoice you weekly and take all your stress away!

Just tell us what sort of person you need and we will send you the Right Person for that Nelson Temp Job - if for some reason they don't work out let us know and we will replace them immediately.

How about a Try Before You Buy... use of our staff or bring someone to us, trial them in your business and if they are the right person - then keep them. If not we will just place them in a different job!

The best Nelson job agency providing the best Nelson Temp jobs!

Need Your Staff Drug Screened?
We also provide a drug screening service for your existing staff.
This can be at your premises or our office.
We are Certified to AS/NZ 4308:2008 Workplace Drug Testing Standards - we can give an instant result with our urine testing and can can get Laboratory Testing.
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